How to use aluminum pans safely


How to use aluminum pans safely

1. There are two kinds of aluminum pots: refined aluminum and cast aluminum. Materials are aluminium and aluminium alloys. Surface color can be divided into white and light yellow. Aluminum products are divided into casting and stamping. The surface of the cast aluminum product is white after automatic polishing and mechanical polishing, but the metal structure is loose and the casting has some defects. The surface of stamped aluminum products is mechanically cleaned, polished and polished. The surface is a natural oxide film, which is thin and uneven. Easy to wear or mechanical wear; yellow aluminum products are anodized stamping parts, and a yellow artificial oxide film is formed on the surface. The film is thick and uniform. Under the action of strong alkali, the membrane will not be damaged. Light yellow aluminum is best.

2. If you use an aluminum pot for cooking, please do not empty the pot of the pot to ignite or light a small amount of water to make the pot dry, otherwise it may cause water leakage at the bottom of the pot; when cooking in an aluminum kettle, do not empty the water in the pot, Make the pot burnt or a small amount of water dry to avoid leakage at the bottom of the pot; cooked rice and soup should be put into the bowl in time, not in the aluminum plate for a long time, so as to avoid the chemical reaction of aluminum, acid and alkaline substances and produce harmful substances . The material of the aluminum pan is relatively soft. In the heat, be careful not to hit hard objects or put them in cold water. Cool to avoid deformation.

3. When cleaning the aluminum pan, do not use acidic and alkaline cleaners to avoid chemical reactions and substances harmful to the body. Weak bases are available. Do not brush aluminum pans with wire to avoid scratches. Use a sponge or 100 clean cloths. When storing, be careful, the surface will come into contact with the air to form a protective oxide film, which makes the color of the pot body, but do not need to be wiped, so as not to affect the service life of the pot body.

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