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Our two factories in Zhejiang, China, each have the capacity to produce 300000 pots per month.


How do we ensure raw material quality control?

The secret to controlling material quality is to keep every sample. Each batch of raw aluminum samples and molten metal will be stored together for up to a year. To determine which portion of molten aluminum corresponds to each product, we will leave a specific time on each sample to ensure that the correct sample can be found later by comparing the product's work order time. This mode assists us in achieving precise raw material quality control.


How do we ensure the smooth progress of the order

Our ERP system is the key to ensuring the smooth progress of our product orders and the efficient completion of orders before the delivery deadline. In the background, we can check the status of each order. If there is an issue with the data of any step, we will immediately go to the scene to resolve it to ensure the order's smooth progress. At the same time, the progress display on the big screen will make all employees feel involved, which is another way our company helps employees feel accomplished.


How can we address the issue of nonstick performance of products, which is of particular concern to customers?

First and foremost, we must understand that the aluminum pot's nonstick performance is due to its surface coating. Peeling will occur if the pot's coating film is too thick, and the nonstick effect will be poor if it is too thin. As a result, we investigated various coatings and developed our proportioning standards. When ensuring that the bottom oil of the coating has sufficient adhesion, we must also ensure the surface oil's strong nonstick performance and service life, and sample and test each batch of products. Make sure the paint is sprayed evenly to avoid color differences.


How can we control the quality of products?

To guarantee that our goods fulfill both lgfb and FDA standards simultaneously, we will take samples for each order of products to take tests, including but not limited to wear resistance test, non stick performance test, handle fixture bending strength test, corrosion resistance test, etc.